Proud Partner
Jacqui is passionately dedicated to the progressive transformation of each individual to be empowered and transformed into a state of bliss, peace and wellbeing. Jacqui has enjoyed a successful following of national and international clientele as an inspirational facilitator of personal growth and spiritual development through her transformative classes and courses for over 30 years.

Jacqui has worked extensively around the world as a powerful psychic and metaphysical teacher using effective techniques in energy processes, meditation, healing and channeling of the Masters.

Jacqui offers her unwavering support to her clients in a safe environment of unconditional love and joy where they benefit enormously from the wisdom, light and truth that is taught by herself and communicated by light Spirit beings.

Jacqui conducts her private sessions and specialized classes and courses from Transformation Development Centre in Bryanston, Johannesburg and at a centre in Hong Kong. These encompass self-development, practical processes, living ascension and many tools and disciplines of self-mastery and enlightenment, guiding people on their all-important journey of self-knowledge and growth. Jacqui is developing humanitarian projects around the country providing education and support for the upliftment of under-privileged people.

Jacqui is also a partner and Managing Director of RADA which is a registered Non-Profit Company that provides guidance, healing and transformative assistance for people living with or recovering from all forms of abuse.

She trains and advises the employees at RADA with her unique spiritual approach resolving the roots of conflict and empowering the victims of abuse to move into their rightful states of peace and harmony. 

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