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Self Mastery

(60 min class)

Jacqui will teach you practically powerful techniques to apply and develop while you uncover your true self knowledge and inner power. Through manifestation and intention you will become the master of your own destiny.

Chakras of the Higher Dimensions
(2.5 hrs)

Jacqui teaches you to understand, connect with and access the Chakras of your higher consciousness with powerfully transformative effects, resulting in a blissful, healthy state of being. 

Angelic Realms

(2.5 hrs)

Jacqui guides you through and teaches you various processes and techniques in connecting with the sacred Angelic realm, communicating information from the Archangels.

Teachings from Master Beings
(2.5 hrs)

Jacqui channels valuable Teachings from Aftor, Buddha, Djwal Khul, El Morya, Hathor, Helios, Krishna, Lakshmi, Maitreya, Odin, Saint Germain, Sanat An, Seshat, Uranus and Quan Yin.

Outer-Planetary Communications
(2.5 hrs)

Jacqui channels communications from the outer planetary light beings of Antares, Arctures and Pleiades.
(per 1 hr module)

Jacqui teaches you how to connect with and fully understand each major and minor arcana reaching the ability to read the tarot in various ways.


Rune Magic

(2.5 hrs) 

The world of Rune Magic offers personal and spiritual development in understanding its’ ancient wisdom, leading to enlightenment and the rippling effect into the universe and beyond. 




Money Magnetism

(per 1 hr module)

In this exciting series of courses, Jacqui will teach you to magnetize true, lasting wealth, abundance and prosperity using practical and highly effective methods, techniques and hypnotherapy to create financial comfort and success. This consists of 6 modules. 


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